Here is what proud and satisfied owners are saying about their QLine custom hidden compartment furniture:

Dealing with Matthew was like communicating with a friend rather than a representative of a company. Seeing him in action in the website video reinforced the feeling. Immediately, you know this is an honest man.

I have the bookcase and am very pleased with it. The custom design is well thought out and refined, and workmanship excellent! This is a piece of furniture that will pass down to the kids.

One worry was potential damage to the case upon being shipped four fifths the way across the country. Don’t be concerned; the packing was the best I’ve seen, and there was no damage even though the exterior of the packing had taken a few hard hits along the way.

Another worry was intimidation of assembly, but following Matthew’s video made the process concern free. Since the case had already been assembled once, re-assembly was a snap.

The final concern was the great difference in east coast humidity where the furniture is made, and extreme dryness of the high desert where I live. I assumed there would be a problem with expanding and contracting, sticking drawers and shelves, but after approximately 2 years there hasn’t been an issue. Everything works perfectly, and has since the start. This truly is a five star product and company!
— T - Arizona
Hello Q,

Enjoying the bookcase and the security it affords us! You are a MASTER of your craft, the woodwork is beautiful as is the precision of the design.
Looking forward to another purchase in the future!
— N. Louisiana
I love the bookcase, the longer I have it the more I appreciate it. It not only accomplishes “concealing items” it’s a beautiful piece of furniture. There have been occasions when someone is visiting us, when they see the bookcase they admire the workmanship and my wife and I look at each other and are thinking, “you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg, if you only knew!” It’s like having our own “secret” right out of a James Bond movie!
— L. Ohio
We’ve had two units for about two years now, a bookcase and an entertainment unit, and can’t say enough how happy we are. As good as they looked on video and pictures, the quality is simply outstanding, and the finish is perfect. The wood stain and final finish match other items in our home better than we ever imagined. Every drawer and latch works with smooth precision. We get lots of compliments from friends and guests, and also have that secret pleasure of knowing just how much better these are than they appear
— T. Oregon
The table arrived here in France in perfect condition. It is truly a work of art, and even the packaging is also like art. The tables is even better than we thought. It is clear that you have many hours of engineering in addition to the beautiful craftsmanship. From your selection of wood, and precise details to the perfect finish, we are more than pleased with your product and our entire experience working with you. We will definitely be ordering more from you in the future!
— S. France
Thank you so much, my husband was overjoyed with the table! He uses it to store items that he doesn’t want visitors, the housekeeper, or our newborn son to find. The many secret compartments make it ideal for any and all items, and he has many, that he likes to keep away from prying eyes. aesthetically, the table is gorgeous, the wood and finish are top quality and perfectly fit into the design aesthetic of our bedroom.

Thanks again for the amazing night table, it really was the perfect birthday present for him!

PS- He’s been talking non-stop about getting a dining table or a bookcase from you guys. It’s fair to say he’s now obsessed!
— R. New York
Hi Q,
Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I am enjoying the bookcase! It really is amazing, and it is the first piece of furniture that my wife and I both enjoyed purchasing together! She has her secret compartments, and I have mine. Many of our friends have commented on how beautiful it is, and it is so tempting to show them the secrets, but for now we are keeping the secrets to ourselves...
The craftsmanship and design are leagues above anything else we own. It is amazing - as you and I discussed, the stuff you buy in the furniture store just looks like furniture, Your pieces are going to be passed down to our children some day. Looking forward to receiving our table next! Thanks again!
— M. Ontario, Canada
The book case and night table are great. I can’t say enough about the craftsmanship and the overall quality of the work. They both get frequent workouts, the night table almost daily. Please feel free to post my comments. I highly recommend your work. I love the pieces you did for me.
— B. New York
Our cabinet has worked out very well. The adaption from guns to jewelry is just what we had in mind for security. Since it is located right in our bedroom it is very convenient for my wife to access but secure enough when we are away from home. The concept of hiding it in plane sight is just what we had in mind. Thanks for your design modifications and wonderful workmanship. It is a true craftsman creation.
— R. California

Custom Jewelry Bookcase in American Black Walnut

I am very pleased with our bookcase. We use it on a daily basis, well almost daily, but often. I think my wife uses it more than I do. She swaps her jewelry out often. I like it because I have access to my pistol and shotgun very easily and no one is any wiser...just let the wrong individual come in unannounced and I will wise them up.
— G. Florida
Several months ago, I ordered, sight unseen except for the video, an entertainment center from Qline Design. I could not be happier with this product.

Not once has anyone commented on the entertainment center as “unusual” in any way. Its concealment of many valuable items is invisible to the outsider; the only comments, and well deserved, are what an attractive piece of furniture it is. The Qline team worked diligently with us to get the staining just right and delivery was exactly as scheduled.

I intend to buy more products from this company. The quality of construction is outstanding and the fit and finish, specifically including the concealment areas, is impeccable. They have my highest recommendation for service and quality.
— Frank. Florida
I purchased one of your fine bookcases a year ago. It has performed to all my expectations and more. As more I mean my wife has taken over one the slide out drawer for her jewelry. I do have mine next to my bed and it is nice knowing that all my tools are close by. It would be nice to have one in every room. Thanks again for a great piece of furniture.
— K. New Hampshire
My name is also Matt like the owner of Q line story is a bit different than about half of Matt’s customers... I needed something a bit different than his normal offerings.... We discussed my issues and concerns and shazaam; in my e-mail was a beautiful proposal of options AND pricing...along with a design draft of what I was talking about..and he envisioned.... I decided on the wood species, stain color, locking options and so forth..... I was kept appraised of the progress and my unit was shipped directly to my home! In a few words “I am very pleased...would never ever look or do anything else.... Really it is that good and that special”. In fact Matt and I will speak soon of a special needs piece that I will commission he and his firm to produce for me.
— Matthew. Texas
I highly recommend one of these pieces to ‘distribute’ some of your valuables - particularly if you already use a gun safe. It alleviates having an overflowing gun safe and also ensures that ‘all your eggs aren’t in one basket’. Matt was also great to work with and the quality is top notch.
— R. New York
We really love our night stand and plan on ordering an identical one with no hidden drawers.
— N. Connecticut
The bookcase that I received from Qline was better than advertised. The process took time but all quality items take time. Throughout the whole process there was great support and the end result has been fantastic. Nobody has any idea that the bookcase has hidden items. Many guest have comments on how nice the bookcase is and we are definitely happy with the item.
— T. Florida
My bookcase and TV stand are all I expected them to be. Fit and finish belies the true utility of the pieces and sometimes even I have trouble remembering how to get into them. The color matches my house perfectly, and the intent is brilliant. No one that is not familiar with your furniture has a clue what is hidden inside. Great job and easy to install.
Thanks for a great product!
— D. Pennsylvania
Thanks for the email. Love the bookcase ! Looks great!
Great quality! I do think the trucking company was a little rough with the product in transit but all in all it arrived safely, and I would be happy to recommend your company and products - and I am interested in getting an additional piece in the fall !
— S. Louisiana
The bookcase is amazing. It is solid and has shown no signs of wearing down. It is easily accessible. My wife is pleased that it is also lockable to prevent our child from accessing our firearms. On our walks around our neighborhood, I am amazed by how many people have their gun safes in their garages, and leave their doors wide open. It reassures me to know there would be another hurdle for a thief to overcome at our house; they would have to find it! Thank you for the great service and the product.
— B. Missouri
Qline design’s high end furniture with hidden compartments are like no other. They use the best hardware, and the craftsmanship is top notch. There might be other companies out there that sell their product for less, but I guarantee you won’t regret investing in a Qline design product !! It is true when they say you get what you pay for. I am not affiliated with Qline design by any means, but I am one of their great customers who appreciates great craftsmanship!
— A. Hawaii
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