Conceal More Than Just Firearms in Our Handcrafted Furniture

rifles in bookshelf.jpeg

Although many of our customers use our concealment furniture to discreetly hide firearms and other self-defense tools, this is far from the only useful application for these innovative pieces of furniture. In fact, the hidden compartments in our furnishings can be used to obscure and protect a variety of other household items as well. Check out a few of our favorite examples below!

Sensitive Documents

Keeping paper backups is a great way to preserve sensitive documents in the event of a hard drive failure, but only if they’re stored in a safe place. Whereas filing cabinets can draw attention from would-be thieves, a piece of furniture with a hidden compartment is much harder to detect. This makes these furnishings ideal for storing tax documents, privileged correspondences and more.  

Valuable Jewelry

An ornate jewelry box can also be a magnet for thieves during a home invasion. That’s why it’s typically a good idea to stow heirlooms and especially valuable jewelry in a carefully-hidden location instead. A piece of bedroom furniture with a hidden compartment can keep valuable pieces of jewelry locked away but within reach at all times.


This is one item you may not think to keep hidden, but it’s a great thing to consider if you have curious children or pets at home. A bedside table with a hidden compartment is a perfect place to keep potentially dangerous or habit-forming drugs that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

Emergency Funds

You might use a debit or credit card to make most of your day-to-day purchases, but it never hurts to have some extra cash on hand in case of an emergency. A dresser or table with a hidden compartment offers a secure storage option for cash, keys and anything else you may need in a crisis situation.

At QLine design, we can also design and build custom pieces of concealment furniture that are tailored to your unique specifications. To learn more, feel free to give us a call or contact us online today!