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Why Hidden Compartment Furniture

I have always had a fascination with hidden compartments. From the secret passageway in Bruce Wayne's manor leading to the BatCave, to the numerous contraptions and gadgets found in James Bond films, there is just something fun and exciting about furniture that is more than meets the eye. 

The very first QLine bookcase was built for a customer who wanted a place to securely store their firearms and valuables, but did not want a safe. To them, the safe attracted attention. Anyone who saw the safe would know that there is something inside that had value. While a safe can securely store valuables, it screams "my stuff is in here" . Safes certainly provide a certain level of security, but there is a tradeoff. Their presence makes their contents known, and the ability for the owner to access the contents can be cumbersome. Hidden compartments in furniture are undetectable, and offer quick access to your valuables.

In the 18th century, high end furniture often contained secret compartments with the concept of: if they can't find it, they can't steal it. Though the compartments were often very small (only meant for some coins, or paperwork), they were very effective against would-be intruders. 

I have a customer who wanted to securely store her late mother's heirloom jewelry. She didn't want to wear the jewelry, but she wanted to have access to it so that she could look at it and enjoy her fond memories. Putting it in a safe deposit box would have stored it securely, but would not have allowed her to enjoy her prized possessions.

I have had more than one customer who have experienced home break-ins after commissioning us to build their QLine Concealment Furniture. In all cases, the hidden compartments remained untouched. In two cases specifically, the homeowner's large safes were broken into or removed from their home entirely.

Many of our customers have both a safe and a QLine Design hidden compartment piece. In some cases, the safe now simply acts as a diversion.

So why store your valuables in a QLine secret compartment? First of all, our furniture is about more than just the secret compartments. Each piece is handcrafted, and designed to last a lifetime. The furniture itself is thoughtfully designed and well constructed. When you order an end table, you aren't just ordering a secret compartment that looks like a table. Instead, you will be receiving an heirloom piece of beautiful furniture that also contains hidden storage. Whether you are looking for quick and secure access to a firearm, or secure storage for family heirlooms, QLine design builds furniture that will outlive you, and contains ample concealment for anything you are looking to keep secret.

You don't have to be a secret agent to take advantage of concealed storage. But I can neither confirm nor deny that James Bond himself owns some of our pieces.

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