QLine SafeGuard Shelving System Double Bookcase

QLine SafeGuard Shelving System Double Bookcase

from 1,500.00

Starting at $5400 ($1500/Deposit)

The QLine SafeGuard Shelving System is an innovative method of secure storage. Valuables are hidden away in what appears to be an ordinary cabinet. Hidden compartments are locked and unlocked by several secret methods, and can be secured with key-locks as well.

What you choose to store in your Q-line Safeguard cabinet is up to you...only you will know the secret. Valuables will be hidden in plain sight. In the 18th century, high end furniture often contained secret compartments with the concept of: if they can't find it, they can't steal it. This modern shelving unit contains ample storage for documents, firearms, gems, metals and other valuables.

Because it is custom made, it is available in your choice of wood or custom colors. Dimensions can be altered to suit your needs. Shelving or hidden compartments are customizable for your specific application. 


Dimensions are customizable. "Standard" dimensions are:

Double: W: 70 in.  /  D: 14 in.  /  H: 80 in.Scroll Down for Video and Reviews


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“Hello Q,  

Enjoying the bookcase and the security it affords us! You are a MASTER of your craft, the woodwork is beautiful as is the precision of the design. Looking forward to another purchase in the future!”

                    — N. Louisiana

“I love the bookcase, the longer I have it the more I appreciate it. It not only accomplishes “concealing items” it’s a beautiful piece of furniture. There have been occasions when someone is visiting us, when they see the bookcase they admire the workmanship and my wife and I look at each other and are thinking, “you’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg, if you only knew!” It’s like having our own “secret” right out of a James Bond movie!”

                    — L. Ohio

“I purchased one of your fine bookcases a year ago. It has performed to all my expectations and more. As more I mean my wife has taken over one the slide out drawer for her jewelry. I do have mine next to my bed and it is nice knowing that all my tools are close by. It would be nice to have one in every room. Thanks again for a great piece of furniture. ”

                     — K. New Hampshire

“My bookcase and TV stand are all I expected them to be. Fit and finish belies the true utility of the pieces and sometimes even I have trouble remembering how to get into them. The color matches my house perfectly, and the intent is brilliant. No one that is not familiar with your furniture has a clue what is hidden inside. Great job and easy to install.
Thanks for a great product!”

                         — D. Pennsylvania

Thanks for the email. Love the bookcase ! Looks great!
Great quality! I do think the trucking company was a little rough with the product in transit but all in all it arrived safely, and I would be happy to recommend your company and products - and I am interested in getting an additional piece in the fall !”

                         — S. Louisiana

“The bookcase is amazing. It is solid and has shown no signs of wearing down. It is easily accessible. My wife is pleased that it is also lockable to prevent our child from accessing our firearms. On our walks around our neighborhood, I am amazed by how many people have their gun safes in their garages, and leave their doors wide open. It reassures me to know there would be another hurdle for a thief to overcome at our house; they would have to find it! Thank you for the great service and the product.  ”

                         — B. Missouri