Secret Passageway / Hidden Doorway

Secret Passageway / Hidden Doorway


Qline Design builds innovative, functional furniture with hidden compartments. We also design, engineer, and build secret doors of the highest quality. Utilizing custom fabricated steel frames and super heavy duty pivot hinges, a QLine Design secret bookcase door will not sag or deflect when loaded up with books. Fully functional and beautiful as a bookcase, the hidden doorway operates smoothly and easily, while remaining invisible. A highly engineered machine masquerading as a bespoke bookcase, locked with a battery backup industrial electromagnetic system, and unlocked with the secret method of your choosing, the QLine Design Secret Passageway is both secure and beautiful.

"Gaps" of less than 1/16" allow the doorway to open while remaining cleverly hidden to the untrained eye. Our expertly crafted pieces will add value to your home, and security to your state of mind. 

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