Invisible RFID Cabinet Lock

Invisible RFID Cabinet Lock


This is the same RFID lock we use in our furniture. It is extremely high quality - made in Austria.  With a steel reinforced catch and an easy to adjust strike, this lock can transform any door or drawer into a compartment that only you can access. Whether you are building your own hidden compartment, or simply want to secure the contents of a cabinet or drawer, this lock is ideal for nearly any application. 

The lock uses a lithium CR123 battery which the manufacturer rates for 10 years or 30,000 cycles. The lock monitors the battery level and will indicate when the battery is low. When you attempt to open the lock if the battery is starting to fade, the lock will no longer lock, and a continuous tone will sound for 15 seconds indicating that it is time to change the battery. 

The lock is a "fail-unlock" system, meaning that if the battery dies, the lock will unlock.

This set comes with:

1 lock

1 3d adjustable strike plate


2 RFID (125 khz frequency) user cards.

You may add additional user cards by purchasing a programming card separately.

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