Outfit Your Home With Its Very Own Secret Passageway

Secret Passageway.jpg

Getting ready to make some much-needed renovations to your home this year? This is a great opportunity to upgrade your living space with unique, innovative features that will increase its resale value and functionality.

At Q-Line Design, our built-in hidden doorway can give your home the authentic secret passageway you always dreamed about having as a child.

If you thought smart thermostats and tankless water heaters were cool, just wait until you see our high-quality bespoke bookcase pivot open on heavy-duty hinges to reveal a hidden room in your home. You can use your secret doorway to conceal a floor safe, walk-in closet, cellar stairs and more.

In addition to their practical purposes, our hidden doorways are designed to serve as attractive, unobtrusive pieces of built-in furniture as well. Just like any of the other concealment furnishings we create in our shop, these hidden doorways feature a solid hardwood construction that is built to last for generations. Even when fully loaded with books, the doors will operate smoothly without sagging or deflection.

To keep your hidden passageway secure at all times, the hidden doorway can be locked with a battery backup industrial electromagnetic system and unlocked with an RFID key or other method of your choice. You can check out the video below to see one of the first hidden doorways we built in action.

To learn more about how Q-Line Design can help you create a custom secrete passageway in your home, feel free to give us a call at our toll-free number or contact us online today!